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How to Salat Prayer - Salat Prayer (Namaz) in Islam is a unique form of worship

How to Salat Prayer

Salat Prayer (Namaz) in Islam is a unique form of worship, distinct in its form and spirit. It is a moment of direct communication with Allah, performed five times a day at prescribed times.

Preparation (Wudu)

Before prayer, Muslims perform a ritual purification called Wudu, symbolizing physical and spiritual cleanliness.

Intention and Takbir

Standing facing the Qibla, the worshipper intends to pray to Allah and starts the prayer by raising hands and saying "Allahu Akbar" (Allah is the greatest).

Recitation and Ruku

Recitation: The opening chapter of the Quran, Al-Fatiha, is recited, followed by another portion of the Quran.

Ruku: The worshipper bows down, glorifying Allah.

Sujood and Tashahhud

Sujood: The act of prostrating, touching the ground with the forehead, nose, both hands, knees, and toes, symbolizes utmost submission to Allah.

Tashahhud: Sitting on the legs, the worshipper recites a testimony of faith.

Namaz is a spiritual journey within, a pause from the daily routine to reconnect with the Creator. It disciplines the soul, strengthens faith, and fosters a sense of community among Muslims.

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